Monday, July 26, 2004

We Don't Have a Word for "Setting Jaw and Stoically Prepping to Pretend I Didn't Make the Application"

Firstly, let me thank McVie for taking the time to look out for me. I really appreciate it. I swear, my friends are living proof that the Universe isn't actively trying to burn me out and piss on the ashes.

I've made my own inquiries regarding my application. The people I'm talking to say they still have their hands tied. As I've been fed all sorts of lines before by cheats and con men, I have to fight myself to keep from reading "bad" in their motives. Besides, I've been an editor myself and I know what it's like when projects are stalled by lousy funding and politics. 

At any rate, I've taken McVie's advice. Two applications elsewhere have already been sent. This marks a new period of near-fruitless barren waiting and seeding the workplace with résumés-- 90% of which will be put in the shredder. Par for the course, but it hurts when you reach out and get jack. You put so much into this search for employment even if you know you'll almost always be underemployed, overworked and underpaid.  

That was why I decided to live on the fringe in the first place. It was because

1. I 'm living with someone and
2. I recognized what a frickin' lousy businessman I am

that I even considered going mainstream. 

Yeah, Dex, cry me a river, you big sissy.

I reeeeeeeeally hate having to make declarative statements, especially about my immediate future, just to have to eat them later.


McVie said...

My source tells me that indeed they are having a bad time with recruitment, despite the fact that the decision-makers in their office KNOW they are in need of additional manpower. Chalk it up to bureaucratic [1] mess; [2] incompetence; [3] bad timing; [4] all of the above; [5] none of the above (for all I know, my source [a] is also not telling me the whole truth; [b] is not in the loop, and therefore is just guessing.)

Be that as it may, their end is their problem; you have no control over their end. YOUR problem is on your end; the good thing is that you HAVE control on what you can do.

Re. looking for work, your insights re. applications going to the shredder is spot-on. You put so much into this search--but are your efforts efficient and effective? I saw this book, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" and it's a very sensible book about job hunting. More importantly, it forces you to make a paradigm shift regarding "job hunting".

As for me, I've worked for the CCP, radio, advertising and now broadcasting--and I didn't go thru the application/resume route.

Cheer up, Dex. The Universe isn't actively trying to burn you out; it is forging you into something strong and beautiful.

Dexter Lira said...

"Strong and beautiful?" That mean "Gay?" Kidding. I get your meaning though.

Thanks again!