Monday, July 19, 2004


I've three guesses as to why the graphics on my laptop have conked out on me, especially when I'm using said laptop for heavy resource draining applications.

To test them, I need to be able to open this thing up for scrutiny; something I'm afraid to do just now. More importantly, I'll need a brush. And maybe RAM chips for Compaq laptop motherboards-- things I haven't even seen, let alone tinkered with. If I'm wrong on all guesses, I'll need a (sob) new video card. Might as well pray I can get myself a new laptop.



Anonymous said...

Compaq laptop motherboard & RAM chips on Ebay are a bundle. unless you're used to fixing laptops don't you dare dismantle that thing. It could just well be that you really don't have enough RAM for what you need. - Charmaine (Swamp)

You know, if you're thinking of letting that baby go I can take it off you're hands. I'm willing to get it from you at YOU'RE COST (and I know how much it cost you). ;)

Dexter Lira said...

I think I'll hold on to this baby a little longer, Swamp. But thanks for the offer and the good advice.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to learn to use you set up an account or something so you can pay for things? How are you supposed to do that?


Anonymous said...

if you have the cash, you can pay via money order care of our friendly gargantuan post office. for more secure payments, register with bidpay, now western union bidpay. they accept money order and credit cards. paypal still does not recognize the philippines, which is really inconvenient since everyone on ebay prefers paypal registered buyers.
- swamp

Anonymous said...

Uh, what about selling stuff on Ebay? How do you sell and how do you get paid?