Saturday, July 17, 2004

Makes You Go Hmmm...

It's been weeks and absolutely no one from my prospective place of work has bothered to contact me, not even to tell me stuff like:

"Hey, things are still messy here, so our hands are tied and we can't hire you yet. Check back with us in six months."  or "Hey, your work sucks so we can't hire you."

I'm beginning to feel stupid having to place a discreet call or send an email once a week to ask about my state of employment. I'm loath to do this, since I know how irritating people can be when they get pushy. But I want this job. Which means I'll haveta place one more call come Monday. To Be a Pest and Ask about My Job.

I hate it when my life is put on hold like this and I hate being forced to be a pain. I've spent too much money (mine, my girlfriend's) on this project. I've bought sample magazines, new software; run off to LB to spend more money --added to my friend's electric bill and the wear on his PC; bothered people to lend me a working phone to make contacting me easy. I've shaved weeks off my life in the four days I slaved like a demon to come up with sample works.

Why haven't they contacted me? They know how to reach me. I thought their need was urgent. 

There are better things I can do with my time than wait. I think I deserve to be told exactly what is going on. 


McVie said...

Yes, you have every right to be pushy and ask about your status. It's only fair that you know asap so that you can plan your life. (Heck, you can even tell them that you have other job prospects waiting.)

Remember, you have every right to demand a straight answer from them and not keep you waiting. Or if they DO tell you to wait (maybe they're getting clearance, perhaps?), ask them for a definite deadline.

Dexter Lira said...

As always, sage advice. Thanks, McVie!