Monday, July 26, 2004

Tonight I found out why some men choose to be gay. It's almost too easy to cop out of a relationship with a woman-- by nature, beguiling but utterly alien-- and find comfort in someone who is utterly familiar: another man.

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McVie said...

Dex, who are these "some men"?! Hahaha! Interesting theory, but no dice.

I mean, you're familiar with your cock but would you have the lust to put it in your mouth?

Being gay is being physically, sexually attracted to the same gender. Finding comfort in another man isn't necessarily being gay; probably the guy is just emotionally needy and will try to get it in the most familiar, accessible way.

Teka, teka, baka naman sinerioso kong masyado ang comment mo. If I did, mea culpa. Hehehe. :-)

Dexter Lira said...

I meant to say I sometimes find women so exasperating that I wonder why some men haven't cracked and gone to the, er, other side out of simple frustration.

What do they want anyway? The women, I mean. It's so much easier to relate with men-- at least duels and fistfights are more decisive. And in this day and age, when the very nature of marriage is being redefined, why NOT cop out and shack up with Totoy Mola?

Don't worry 'bout me. Am just having my male period.

McVie said...

Because no matter how unfathomable and infuriatingly puzzling women are, all it takes is for them to give you that look, that tilt of the head, that whiff of their feminine charm, that soft touch of their cheek... and a well-timed hair flip ala-Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde", and you're gaga all over her again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sad, but true....