Saturday, August 28, 2004

A Plague on All Your Houses! And Your Little Doggie Too!


So this was what you were planning. You never really considered me for this project at all. You had me jumping hoops for you and all this time, you had your own people already hand-picked and waiting in the bloody wings. Sure: patronize out the has-been-- we don't need him --that's the way the cookie crumbles.

How could I have been so blind? Please, God let me be wrong.

If I'm not wrong, you do know I won't take this lying down...

Personal Log Update

Masaya si Dayunyor

My "Hero-Meter" made the Junior Inquirer today, along with two pictures I shot for my editor. I'm happy about this-- finally some good financial news. Sadly, I can expect to collect the money, oh, sometime in December. A sad fact of life in the world of the commercially utilized written word and drawn image: accounting/money disbursement departments are wont to wait until all checks made out to people like me accumulate. This process literally takes months.

I'm broke, I'm waiting on different firms to even acknowledge the résumés I've sent. What else is new?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Letter to Honey


It's been raining a lot here of late, so I haven't had the opportunity to properly aerate the bed. As soon as the sky clears, though, I'm taking it to the roof, to watch it while I paint.

I've also found another reason why our place smells so musty: all this time, I'd previously thought it was me, or the clothes we hang on the aluminum bars. We've got a leak in the ceiling in your room and where our wall (with the ceramic butterflies) connects to the ceiling. I'm unsure as to the severity of the leak. Most times we get a trickle, though we did get a lot last night. When you decide to modify this place, it's best to take these into account.


My cash is low. I've never missed the money taken from me by those damned robbers more than now. The good news is that a substantial part of the money I've had to burn up went to attempts at networking and the incidentals involved in my finding a job. As usual, the silent killers great at whittling away reserves are taxi fare and food when you're on the road. I've already consumed all the vittles in the house. I'd planned for you to arrive to a full ref but that's not going to happen unless I raid the pantry in QC.

I've had an interview with ***-*** (not for the comics, for promotions). It went well but it could be weeks, if not a month before somebody calls me up. I'm also chasing two other call center leads. I'm anticipating headaches when they all try to contact me: they're bound to do it at the same time. I'm going to hate regretting the choices I'm bound to make.


I've been chucking out my unwanted clothes but this hasn't done much to pare down my wardrobe into somthing less costly laundry-wise. Ive seen fewer ants on the prowl: the cold season must be forcing them to come out only when they need to. In the meantime, I've seen a rise in the population of spiders-- the thin-legged harmless variety: these may also explain why the ant trails have been so rare.

Funny tradeoff-- more spiders, fewer ants but more webbing contributing to the gunk in this house. One thing the spiders and the ants have in common: they're always so damned opportunistic. I can't leave anything standing on the kitchen counter for five minutes without ants foraging or spiders trying to build a home among the bottles and dishes.

I'm still leery of using bug spray, because of the size of this place. I do not relish the idea of poisoning our food. I do not relish the idea of having "mutant kids" either.

Slowly but surely the loose books are getting covered in plastic. I'm trying to find space for all of them. Methinks we should intsall shelves? There is a lot of leak-free space that can be harnessed for shelves and we do have a Getta drill 'round here after all...

I've got to go. I've still to finish an article (It's already late!) and the graphics on the laptop are acting funny again.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Firing Line and Blindfold

I must be nuts.

The Aquino Timeline I did for the Junior Inquirer magazine-- not really a magazine since its reduction into a weekly insert that goes national every month, thanks to lousy funding-- should be out right now. And it should be pissing off the Marcoses and their constituents in what was once the Solid North big time.

In case this thing turms into a libel suit-- and I wouldn't put it past somebody in these parts-- I got most of my facts from William C. Rempel's Delusions of a Dictator: The Mind of Marcos as Revealed in His Secret Diaries. [(c)1993 William Rempel; Published by Little, Brown And Co., based in Boston (USA), Toronto(Canada), and London(England).] The rest of the data I got from the Inquirer research people. For the record, it was not Malice that motivated me to put this together. I was afraid that fewer and fewer people would remember, and give a hoot.

People died because someone wanted to secure his legacy as "Some Kind of Hero." His hubris blinded him to the fact that he should have performed well or stepped down when he was asked to. He's not the devil; he's us. And "us" is where we should start if we want to fix the country's woes.

If we forget, we condemn more heroes and martyrs to be sacrificed on the altar of free speech, free elections and good government.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mixed Nuts

People are looking for me at a time when I'm not keen about being found; not in my impotent state.

Granny's illness has apparently worsened; I am debating the merits of visiting her when the only thing I can do is pray for her. Mayhaps I can pray with her. We'll see.

Prospective employers are keen on passing me off to be hired by someone else; a mixed blessing, if there ever was any, a case of the half-empty/half-full dichotomy.

I've got a mother who cannot be anything more than what she is when matters concern her eldest son-- something eldest sons find most inconvenient when they're chomping at the bit to actualize their independence.

Big word, independence. I won't bore you with my complaints about my apparently neverending quest for it.

* * *

In the meantime, I've been staying put at a friend's. My last Tai Chi session on UP grounds weakened me-- I know, it's not supposed to happen-- so that I was easy prey to Sunday's cold, falling water.

Mixed blessing: I get to save on electricity consumed at home while I catch up with my good pal, Dex B. He was also kind enough to provide me with software and intel I can use later... when I'm well enough to really travel.

* * *

Smallville has entrered an interesting phase, as has Angel. Young Lex Luthor and Clark Kent are now officially not friends; Angel's Cordelia Chase has just given birth to a mega-demon bent on ruling the planet through acts of insidious do-goodery.

Mobile Suit Gundam has been showing for quite a while these late weeknights on Animax; Gundam Seed is crawling towards climax and its inevitable conclusion. I am appalled at the cruelty of Gundam's Char Aznable and sad because Flay Ollster won't end up with Gundam Seed's lead, Kira Yamato.

I've bought a copy of SIGLO: Freedom (pat yourselves on the back, Alamat)--set me back 200 bucks-- and am very happy that I've been assigned to review it (or the next issue of SIGLO) for a modest branch of a National Publication.

I've witnessed an improvement in my skill and talents despite my being out of the comics loop for so very, very long.

Everything is good except I'm forced to spend someone else's money for my basic needs.

Answered prayers... one day I'll understand why these answers come to me in bits and pieces, as if through a damned sieve. Meantime I'm going to grin, breathe in the good and exhale the bad, even as I offer my poor thanks to God for what I've already got.
Dear _____________

I'm writing to ask:

1) if you received the colored page sample I sent weeks ago; and
2) if the quality of my work is enough to earn me a spot as colorist, layout artist, et cetera.

I take it from the deafening silence that has been characteristic of our communication that conditions required to hire me have not yet been met. Mayhaps the stars have not properly aligned themselves. Mayhaps the overseer assigned to handle this project has not recovered from his coma-- be assured that I pray constantly for his speedy return to health.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that you will recognize my dignity as a human being and provide me an answer that will satisfy. A "yes" or "no" will do very, very well.

Thank you for your time.


Dexter Lira
ex editor
ex editorial assistant
ex writer
ex colorist

Thursday, August 05, 2004


"Welcome to the 2004 edition of getting to know your friends and family. What you are supposed to do is copy (not forward) this entire e-mail and paste it onto a new e-mail that you'll send. Change all the answers so they apply to you, then send this to a whole bunch of people including the person who sent it to you. You already know some items about your freinds and family - this might add just a bit more..."

Your name: Dexter Lira

1. What time do you get up?
Anywhere from 0530 to 1200

2. What/Who(?) do you consider your worst enemy?
"The Man"; myself.

3. Gold or silver?
Gold, silver-- does it matter? I'd appreciate a hoard of either.

4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Spiderman 2

5. What do you usually spend most of your free time on?
Sleeping, reading, computer games, writing, watching TV

6. What do you have for breakfast?
Recently been craving salads. I eat whatever is on hand, which isn't much.

7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? Generally speaking?
People who remind me by their very existence of how far I have to go professionally, financially or otherwise. It's not personal. The people in question have just been assigned as symbols, extensions of "The Man." I only hate the pain of being compared to them though.

8. What or who inspires?
Nietzsche; Rand; Jesus; Buddha; Anna; Gel; Bonsai; Uma Thurman

9. What is your middle name?

10. Beach, City or Country?
All of the above.

11. Favorite ice cream?
Am partial to strawberry and mango.

12. What do you do to de-stress? Or what do you give yourself as a treat?
Eat; blog; play computer games; write; I still ogle girls when last I checked

13. Favorite color?
Blues and neutrals, specifically blond wood.

14. What kind of car do you drive?
Used to drive a Kia Pride. Someday, I'll drive a RAV 4

15. Favorite sandwich?
SUBWAY BMT! I defy anyone to buy me a more massive, more delicious sandwich.

16. What characteristic do you despise?
In myself? Impotence-- not the sexual kind.

17. Favorite flower?
None, really. Am partial to roses and chrysanthemums as symbols though.

18. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Museums around the world. The Paramount Lot. Would like to visit Smithsonian Institute, Hong Kong Science Museum, etc...

19. Scent or smell most pleasant to you?
Food. Glorious, beautiful food.

20. Favorite type of clothing?
Cotton shirts, special fabrics (most look good when draped over me) slacks, sandals, laceless formal shoes.

22. Favorite Day:
Any day in February

23. Red or white wine?
Officially, it's red. But it "turns your teeth purple." I'll go with white.

24. What did you do for your last birthday?
SMSed friends about it. Had various meals with different sets of friends throughout the birthday week.

25. Where were you born?
Children's Medical Center, Q.C.

26. Favorite sport?
Swimming; Soccer; did I mention ogling?

29. Do you speak any other language/dialect besides Pilipino and/or English?
Smatterings. And just smatterings. I treat Japanese and Chinese as if they were dead languages. Why don't I just get lessons and save myself some grief?

30. Coke or Pepsi?
"Tea. Earl gray. Hot."

31. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Morning person... I stay awake til 3 in the morning too.

32. What is you're shoe size?
(local measuring conventions) 7&1/2 to 8

33. Do you have any pets?
We have a farm at the QC residence: 1 dog, five cats, chickens, 1 myna, and big-ass rats. I'm sure someone is working on getting us a donkey.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Zombie, 2

Run myself ragged again. I hope editor lady appreciates the color sample.