Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Singing in the Stairwell

It looks like I'm frequenting the stairwell in my office building more than the Hotel Sogo these days. And this is a good thing. I've been meaning to find a more or less unobtrusive place to practice my singing voice. I pretty much failed on that score (the office bathroom being unsuitable), so the stairwell's the next best thing.

The stairwell has the ambience I'm looking for: enough reverb to make the voice sound crisp and lively. It's built like the inside of a giant flute so sound carries to the next few floors. If you keep the door open the sound  travels along the corridor and insinuates itself into the neighboring offices. As long as you sing well, it's not too distracting. In fact it might be somewhat welcome.       

Of course I wouldn't be Dex if I didn't do things like singing in the stairwell for at least three reasons most of the time. So, 
  • Reason 1: My voice is somewhat rusty, so I really do need the practice. 
  • Reason 2:  I'm often emotionally constipated, so I need the catharsis. 
  • Reason 3: At any one time between lunch and ten p.m., the room next to the stairwell is occupied by good looking chicks.
To paraphrase myself, as long as I don't sound like I'm strangling the cat, I should be fine. ;) 

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