Thursday, January 08, 2009

Retired University Janitor Left Holding the Bag, Cuts Album

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Meliton Zamora is a retired University of the Philippines Janitor who was very liberal with his signature when it came to helping out students in a financial bind. He became their guarantor when they applied for student loans. Sadly some of the students he's helped have been very conservative about paying their debts. Consequence: instead of getting his full retirement pay for his 40-plus years of service, he gets enough money for only a measly 171 days worth of meaningful dedicated work.

In a twist worthy of a story made onli in da Pilipins, our generous ex-janitor managed to cut an album. Friends, family and supporters of this gentleman are hoping that

a.) students he's helped remember his kindness and do something about his situation; and
b.) people who'd like to help him out would buy his CD. 

No doleouts are expected, but "...he will be thankful for any assistance you can give."  Do visit Mang Mel and buy his CD (P350 only) at No. 16-A, Block 1, Pook Ricarte, U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City (behind UP International House) or contact his daughter Kit V. Zamora at 0916-4058104.

What say we show him some love?       

sourced from this multiply entry.

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