Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, Mom, I'm really gay...

...and I'm living in sin with my married best friend. Oh yeah, I'm also his sister's boy toy. And while we're at it, I am also secretly snogging her yummy boyfriend. Yes, I engage in all sorts of sexual impropriety with all sorts of unsavory people every time I go out of town. I've got a long list of one night stands in my black book, which for some reason you haven't yet found despite your amazing ability to read off my blogs and my cel phone. I'm a closet satanist too. I stopped praying to Jesus a long time ago. That's why I've been out at all hours of the night. Why I don't sleep. Why I keep writing weird sh!t.

Smell the sarcasm?

I was really hoping that this was already behind me. In high school it was "Come out of the closet Dex so we can talk/beat the manhood back into you." In college it was "Stop doing your drugs Dex I know you're on something that's why you think weird."

Sigh. Makes me wish I did half of what they think I've done just so there'd be some justification for all the grief they're laying on me.

Another day in the interesting life of Ed Kafka. The Delicate Matter of the Truth About Dex: his life is as good as crazy fiction, and he just wants to be with his ex.

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