Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sh!tsh!tsh!t Stupid full moon.

It's five in the bloody morning and I'm awake and feverish and my brain simply will not stop receiving messages from the Muse.

I just singlehandedly finished a slew of designs for some stickers commissioned by my sister. I flirted and networked with the crew at the bleeding McDonald's while I was at it. when I come back at the end of the week my office will have possible new recruits. My studio will likely have new clients.

Holycrap I just spent the goddamned night at McDonald's Philcoa because I don't want to work at home.

I just sang along to the whole Toto album, the assorted Jazz and soft rock stuff they were playing to keep myself awake and god knows the whole fast food joint was listening to the odd long haired guy who must have been high on something at least he had a decent voice and at least he looked like a forlorn rockstar god knows he swayed like Jack Sparrow.

stupid stupid full moon

stupid stupid missing my ex and my friends from the old goddamned workplace especiallyonfreakingfridasyswhenthey're out somewhere and I'm walkingwalking walkingwalkin g San Miguel avenue in the goddamned dead of the night alone

If I stop and I go home now I lose momentum and I'll never get this back goddamnit...

doing the draft of Mammon 7 then skipping to calling card designs and my curriculum for my police photography workshop tomorrow


revising my idiot love letters writing this multiply entry while chatting with a freind and talking about her love life and working on my student's new curriculum at this virus-ridden i-net cafe that doesn't serve coffee...

god this is worse than meth and I've never even tried it

stupid amorous full moon

Almost don't care if my ex spots me in her damned bailiwick god knows I got better things to do than stalk her regardless of what her friends and roommates think been spending thelast three weeks avoiding her and everyone associated with her so she doesn't freak out at the goddamned sight of me brithday excepted of course and even then I left strict instructions to her officemates to not mention my idiot name regarding the birthday card.

I'm high on coffee and her memory. light headed. lungs feeling like they've got hot knives dipped in acid and anaesthesia piercing them. hard to breathe

the girls at the counter were cute. really

I'm goddamned dangerous on a full moon

godpleasedon'tletmecrashcsrashcrashcrash godthere'sa sun up

okay i've put all the ideas in my head on this page one way or another gotta sign out go home rest

surprised i'm still lucid but this is manageable now, enougfh for me to poke fun at myself by posting these stupid pictures and finally revealing to my friends just who that Kafkaed dude is.

almost glad i didn't have a paint brush.

would painted mcdonald's pink

first yaaaaaaaaaaawn. need to get outta here now...

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