Monday, June 28, 2004

Seeing Through the Eyeballs of Love

I was late to meet my pals at what used to be Iceberg's at the Glorietta 4. Then I found my friend, Rez. I followed Rez from Glorietta 4 through 2, where he stopped to grab a bite at Komoro Soba. I stopped there too, and got pretty much blew a hundred bucks on food. All that time I'd been shadowing him, he never noticed me-- which I found weird, because he's usually a lot sharper than this. To be fair, I it wasn't my stalking and shadowing proficiency that kept me from registering on his peripheral vision. Rez had his girlfriend with him, and all his attention was on her.


McVie said...

Further proof that love is blind.

Anonymous said...

Your point, Dex?


Dexter Lira said...

There is no point, Sammy.

No Great Flash of Philosophical Insight that I wish I was famous for. Consider it Gospel without the corllary exhortations to Salvation: I noticed something I found extremely strange and new and good and I wanted to share it with my friends.

Take it how you will.

a) I am a sad, inept little man with too much time on his hands;
b) who cannot even shadow a friend (why would someone with a job and a life DO that stalker sh!t?) without hiding behind said friend's love-induced seeing disability;
c) who is bent on wasting your time;
d) who is bent on wasting his own time;
e) all of the above;
f) none of the above;
g) I am not so sad, not so little;
h) these are not real choices, and shouldn't matter, as you enjoy catching up with me this way
i) these are not real choices, and shouldn't matter, as you don't enjoy the blog;
j) these are not real choices, and shouldn't matter, as you don't enjoy this entry;
j) other

McVie said...

Well! It seems Dex has covered all bases. :-)

I still say the point in that slice-of-life: Love is blind. That is MY take.

Anonymous said...

You're right...not everything Buddha says is profound. Otherwise, thre'd be sutras somewhere saying, "Pass the salt."

Omm...kamm...pass the salt...pass the salt...pass the salt....