Thursday, June 10, 2004

Putting Wayward Photos Through My Number Cruncher

This... happened at Ian's Sizzling Sisig Summer Soiree. Like a grinning fool, I went around snapping pictures with what my friend Paul referred to as my handy little spycam. As the thing could take in 1.3 megapixels, I was confident that with adequate lighting, I could come away with memories I can show off to the common friends who didn't make Ian's party. While I pride myself at being able to shoot decent pics under low lighting conditions with a single lens reflex camera carrying ASA 400 film, I quite forgot that there are limits to ultra-small digital cameras without a flash.

I am sad to say I lost most of my photos to the darkness, despite my hours of CSI-work on them. I even those with Myles and his kid in 'em. Ah nuts. On the upside, Nikka will find the absence of her pictures a good thing. Why, I'll never know.

But it galls me that I could not have saved certain other photos-- the ones that steal the breath and stop the heart, in a good way. C'est la vie.

I have little idea as to who this is.
My punishment for
not shooting with enough light.

A friend having fun. Privacy concerns
keep me from divulging
too many names.


Anonymous said...

you mean these are the only survivors?

ok, all of them unflattering.

- girl from the swamp

Dexter Lira said...

All of these unflattering-- true. But believe me, all the photos I took looked worse until I fiddled with their input/output levels with Photoshop. Whatever software those CSI guys have, I WANT IT AND THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. I have a few more photos of us wasailing and carousing, but they're too much trouble to color-correct knowing the state of my hardware and my proficiency with my software. Besides, Ian's got the best photos. I'm still waiting for him to put them up.