Saturday, June 26, 2010


"Laid" (v.) past tense and past participle of "lay" 

Laid Up

Fringe Dex has come down with a bug that took months in development, a month to diagnose and he knows not how long to treat. For today, he's taking things easy (as easy as his fevered brain will allow). If any of his arnis friends are reading this post, this situation is one more reason Dex has been...

Laying Low

It's something that I've had to do frequently because of the weakness and the lassitude, also because I have other things to do. I'm returning to the wonderful world of ESL (pronounced "ee es err") because I need to finance my medication for while I'm laid up, and maybe for months beyond that point. It annoys, it galls, it inconveniences like a boyfriend who just won't stop telling you he loves you. I'll need to lay low some more because I'm conserving what strength I have left for the now old job. Y'know, so I won't be...

Laid Off

It's the general consensus that quitting is a lot better. I promise, dear reader, that I will do nothing to jeopardize my plans of quitting the job after it's served my purposes.

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