Monday, August 04, 2008


Dexter's thesis:

Without you there is no meaning, except that which I have to build for myself, one faulty messy crumbly stupid brick at a time.


Harold Aguinaldo said...


Are you the same Omar Dexter S. Lira who used to study in Lourdes School Quezon City? If you are, Harold here, the guy who always watches you draw and read your self made comics back in either Grade 4 or 5, we used to sit near each other and play video games in Rommel Carlos' house in Novaliches. If you are that guy, kindly email back at

Pax Et Bonum

ForgetFoo said...

Sorry TS for the hijack,

Hi Harold,

We've been digging for your contact thru Google for the past few days in regards to some writings. Please email mi or call us.

Thks n Rgds,
Foo MH,
Tel: +65 6884 9481