Saturday, August 02, 2008

But there's nothing new to say

Another night where I get to exhibit my not-so-new superpower: the ability to stave off any real sleep when I need it most. Reasons have been recurring, rehashed to death. Anyone with a pair of good eyes and half a brain will pretty much know why.

Brain's on fire with ideas I'll be hard-pressed to implement, because I'm essentially living out of a suitcase. Still, one can try.

Like another friend, I am finding scant purpose in writing here. But I can't really stop. If I don't write, I'll pop a blood vessel. And then who will annoy the living snot out you with unwanted declarations of affection, tedious essays or useless poetry?

I kid.

I'm really trying to negate the notion that I don't finish what I start. And so here I am, trying to
  1. write two stories
  2. write a letter
  3. fix a couple of videos and video concepts
  4. edit yet another Korean-made essay
  5. plan my day so i get the most stuff really done
It's a weekend. It's a Sunday. I really should be asleep in the normal hours.

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