Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oplan Zero Backlog

Oplan is a uniquely Filipino term. The cops and the military always have to call their little exercises "Operation Plans" or "Implementation Plans," hence the little sobriquets: Oplan Sagittarius and Implan Whatever.

Anyway, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company came up with their own OPLAN way back in the late eighties (I think). The monopoly had grown so bloated and inefficient that there was a long list of angry phoneless people waiting for some decent attention and relief. Oplan Zero Backlog was therefore launched by PLDT. The goal was to make sure everyone who had filled up the requisite forms and paid for them were actually getting the service they were due, i.e. an actual working phone.

I adopted my own OPLAN Zero Backlog several times in my collegiate and post-collegiate life. I had projects that were backlogged at those times, and I was determined to get them done. I'd even post a sign outside my door at the QC residence (back when I had a room) that borrowed heavily from the imagery of the OPLAN ZERO BACKLOG ads.

I'm feeling the need to start another O.Z.B., as I have at least two major projects that have demanded my attention since late last year, and my new job will require the same attention I gave my old one...

[digression begins]

...which was a lot.

Incidentally, this is what happens when your most effective knight returns from exile and you tell him in so many words that his sword's not needed, when oh sweet holy God, it is. You effectively hand him to another liege lord who'll likely pay him better. Consider that your knight would have worked for you for peanuts and the simple pleasure of your collective company.

Sorry, word vomit.

[digression ends]

As I was saying, I have other projects in the pipeline. I'll need to make room for them if I'm to have any decent amount of sleep within this year.

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