Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let Me Tell You a Secret

I'll tell you a secret.

Everyone's a designer.

It's just that many of us aren't good at it; aren't paid big money for it; or they don't consider what they're doing "design."

You plan a camping trip, that's design. Perhaps the art board isn't static because the art board is time. Perhaps the camping trip gets shot to hell for one of a million things we blame on Murphy. Nevertheless, you did the planning, you fiddled with the elements (angry kids, the broken RV, the road, etc.) and the camping trip still goes pffft.

Just means that for that one instance you were a lousy designer.

Happily opportunities to get it right are legion, and at least we can't really get fired for being a bad designer for a day regardless of how your bosses may feel. They can cut off your money because you did a lousy design job once too many, but you'll still be a designer.

Whose image are we made after in the first place?

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