Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The only other person to comment on one poem in my other blog said nothing about it, or anything remotely related to how the poem made him feel. Instead, I got a long-winded sales pitch beginning with--

"Big News From The Healthcare Industry!!

F******** G***** S*********
Current Price $0.15
A company with hot new identity solution products and licenses with over 40 current governmental and non-governmental contracts in negotiations.

...Watch this One to Trade!"

The Evil Marketing Man has struck again.

I could either feel flattered that my page has garnered so much notice that people are posting ads in my comment field without so much as a damned "by your leave." Then again, I guess I could feel taken advantage of, as this guy could have just left his comments here as part of a "blanket" strategy: schlep every comment field on every blog he can get his hands on.

I want to tell that enterprising person (he knows who he is) this:

PLEASE. I don't care how good your product, company or stock is, point of the matter is neither Blogger nor Dexter Lira is getting money or desired recognition from your blatant attempt at pushing your own agenda on MY space.

You could have found my email address by googling my other blogs and told me how good what your selling is. I would have likely put in a good word by treading on the blurry line between "Hey, this is good news" and "Hey, I'm conducting a marketing blitzkrieg."

And I don't particularly care that you hide behind your own "This is my opinion" clause. Clever, but I know bull when I smell it.

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