Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I've probably fudged this somehow.

僕はマネジャーでわない。今日、清水さんと橋本さんは 僕の会社に来た。僕は不意だった。At least, 僕は 橋本さんの欲しくことを 習った。あの方は 僕に CADイラストサムプルを 見たから。従ってそう、私とフィルジャプスのCADスタフ(マニーさ んと 多分ルスさ ん)を会議する。いつ、僕は分からない。
Anyway, 来週僕は プロジェクトの作ることを 終わって、 コンピューター 2 を ネトワークをします。

Everybody seems to be pushing his own agenda and for some asinine reason, I'm the guy who gets pushed around. Granted that in a perfect world, my agenda would probably involve lots of sleep, martial arts demos and futile job hunting, maybe dreaming of landing a gig (martial arts, visual arts, teaching, singing, theater) somewhere-- hardly lucrative. But that's supposed to be my damned prerogative.

But no, everything is also my fault, somehow. And any ulcer-producing sitch I'm in is of my own making, no matter how much I may feel that the Powers that Be decided, on a drunken whim, to gang-rape me. I am being slowly forced into courses of action predetermined by someone else. I can't just up and leave as too many eggs have been put in the basket that is Dex.

And I can't bleeding talk about this any more than I already have, except to say: when is Dex going to get his chance to simply do something he loves in peace without courting messy familial and economic consequences?

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