Monday, October 11, 2004

Fringe Living Alone?

It occurs to me that I may soon have no beautiful woman about whom to feel very blessed. I will either--

1. prematurely expire from a preventable disease or some act of human stupidity; or
2. she will "wise up" and leave me for someone better equipped to protect her future progeny.

Whatever happens, happens. Life is too short for me to cry over spilled milk-- now or in the forseeable future. One thing is certain: If she leaves, I'll never be able to call anyone else Honey again. Unless that's her given name.

Maybe I should start looking up Kristin-clone. Or maybe I oughta be a Man's Man instead? Scott Bakula is kinda cute...


McVie said...

Your blog entry shows that you have enough self-awareness. That's a good first step.

Now YOU need to "wise up" and stop your #2 line of thinking if you REALLY don't want to end up living alone on the fringes.

Not even Scott Bakula can help you on this one.

Dexter Lira said...

Too true, McVie. Too true. :)