Thursday, October 14, 2004

Coming Home and Having to Come Back Later

Coming home to Sta. Mesa was an odd experience. I was reminded that I had to pick up some laundry from the cleaners a month ago: I saw the laundry claim stub lying in apparent languor in one of my "survival money" bins. A colony of termites had decided to extend its residential tunnels into the apartment and onto the ceramic floor. The mice and lizards were scarce, though their leavings were plentiful near the hole in the kitchen counter.

I spent this afternoon breaking out- and bussing about with- the Blu Star (detergent), my custom-made Perla (myrmex-repellant) nebulizer and the hydrophilic mop. I was Domestic Dex again.

Honey's no slob. But her assertion that her sched leaves her little time for domestic cleanups is more believeable than Suede's. That band could at least afford to hire people to pick up after them. Until recently, Honey had me for the job.

There were other loose ends. My painting, Celphone Girl, still needed a smile and a long overdue adjustment of her eyes. I'd been working on it on-and-off since 2002.

I had to return to Tatalon, as I still had a cartload of personal and professional errands to finish off. It was comforting(!) to be able to eat in the same student-subsistence eatery. Ditto to take the train to the nearest SM mall on the way back.

As I write I'm prepping for another excursion out of here. More errands.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for your loss (i only got a chance to read people's blogs today). you are very very lucky, to have known, love and be loved by your grandmother. it is something that i would never really have, because my own grandparents died before i was born. well, my paternal grandfather was around until i hit high school but considering the family history... let's just say there wasn't much of a relationship. my parents weren't even sorry that i didn't have one. at some level, i envy the pain you feel because it meant that she truly touched you.

Anonymous said...

oops.. forgot to sign my name -- swampie

Anonymous said...

oops... i forgot to sign my name.

- swampie (i'm not sure if this is a double post. just delete if it turns out that way).