Friday, August 17, 2012

If It Ain't One Thing...'s another, followed by something else equally annoying and inconvenient.

First, the newly upgraded computer conks out. Quite possible that the video card and/or the RAM chips are fried. My business goes into cardiac arrest.

Then typhoon Gener blows into town bringing that nameless monsoon (I'm calling it Voldemonsoon or simply Voldemort) in tow. The Metro area sinks; large swaths of Quezon City are suddenly left without power or potable water; my room is flooded. During a lull in the deluge, my uncle flatlines in the middle of a dialysis and is dead for eight minutes. The doctors manage to resuscitate him. He dies again, permanently, the following day. My business has been in the ICU for weeks; doctors begin to advise me of the advantages of pulling the plug.      

Tonight, I've just returned from taking my sister to the hospital. It doesn't look like anything serious...not yet.

Life is just... just nuts.


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