Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fringer's Work Report

Project Yearbook--

I feel like I'm chasing a ghost. Can't meet my clients properly and today was supposed to be a sort of final meeting before Christmas took us all away. The necessary evils of the Christmas rush. Still, I'm writing this while the 5 megabyte attachments (pages, pages and more pages) are loading up in preparation for sending. That's new ads, updated biography pages, et cetera.

When I get back to HQ later tonight I'll still be making pages...

Recital AVP--

William Shatner will be gracing the next Clavier recital-- or at least he'll sound like he's there hamming it up on our AVP if I can only get his voice down pat. Other aspects of production are moving faster now, since I'm done with part one of Project Wedding.

Project Wedding--

That was done last Sat. Phase two to commence after the Recital on the 22nd. You're all invited by the way. I'll post the location of the venue when I can later tonight, assuming I stay awake when I get home. Light's Camera Christmas!

Ploject Paintingu--

Basically done. The real trouble is checking the painting itself for gaps, still-wet spots and finally getting it to the people who commissioned it. Tomorrow. Have to get it there by tomorrow.

My Status

Fraying and Praying. I am not taking the car while the risk of micro-sleeping at the wheel is large. Lemme just get past this blasted week...

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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