Friday, July 27, 2007

My Best friend is Getting Married... Again

As befitting a Baptist who is part of a non-denominational Christian church, my friend Dexter Buenaluz, known to a few on deviantArt as hyperdex, is getting married in the same church.

In my universe, one wedding is usually enough. In an ideal world the "real" wedding is the church wedding. Take the cue from some of my oldest friends and call me a delusional sentimentalist.
I think that this is one instance when the church and the state can drop the separation. It would save us a lot in fees and logistics and stress if a marriage solemnized in a church ceremony was also recognized by the state.

One ceremony, one set of fees. One ring to rule them all... and in this marriage bind them.

Nevertheless, I think it's sweet that he'll marry his wife again.

1 comment:

moshe said...

Oh my.. i missed you guys...

and dexter buenaluz is such a good person.. :D

have a lot of catching up with you guys.