Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sob Story

A friend came to me with this story. He'd been, yeah like me, in college since forever and as of last year, there was actually some hope of his getting out of that morass of broken promises. The failed business venture that broke apart his peer group was the first of several blows that served to sour him to his college experience. Everything went downhill after that. The romantic dalliance that nearly broke him only made staying there more unbearable, he said. And there wasn't any point in staying-- he was growing old vainly trying to graduate in the face of perennially missing grades and administrative gaffes, which compounded the consequences of his ...asinine life choices.

Just when it seemed that he was finally going to come away with his precious college parchment, he finds out that there was another gaffe. The administration people told him he had enough units to graduate. He did the stupid thing and trusted them, thinking maybe they were applying the new academic curriculum rules to his old case. Apparently not.

He now has interesting choices and I don't envy him for his position. I only pray he makes a wise and financially sound decision.

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