Thursday, September 02, 2004

Woman Channel

Honey is coming back from her training trip in a few days. I cannot believe she's only been gone two weeks. A lot's happened, a mix of great and rotten and I intend to tell her about it in an environment conducive to restful conversation.

I've thrown out a ton of trash and moved some of the furniture around again. I've renewed my war with the ants, defoliating the floor with soap solution, strong detergents and alcohol. I'm shining the kitchen counter, the bathroom tiles and the all-important toilet bowl... There's so much to do that I'm afraid there won't be time to finish it all. But I'm working hard to make sure she comes home to a pristine house.

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Kervin said...

Almost the same here except that I now have kids (two adopted and one inlaw, complicated story I'll blog about soon) Btw, you dont answer your calls and text. Dont tell me you lost yer phone again or sumpthing...

You take care and make that woman happy ^_^